What is Calpe International Dance Camp?

This is an International Dance Camp organized by the largest dance organization in Norway - “Kom og Dans”. Kom og Dans is a volunteer foundation with local clubs all over Norway, Denmark, Iceland.  

Annual Dance Camps have been hosted by Kom og Dans for more than 30 years, in different countries. (The word Sydendans in Norwegian means dancing in the Mediterranean area - a dream for all Nordic people who experience long winters. At Sydendans we intend to dance under the stars, by the pool, and in the sun.)

  • The Camp is open to everybody – even if you are not a dancer.
  • Come – and bring your friends and partners to a fantastic mix of joy and fun in the sun and on the dance floors.
  • Combine holidays with dancing and other activity
  • Learn the rich Nordic dance traditions of couple dances like Fasting Swing, Swedish Bugg, Nordic Tango
  • Learn international dance styles like Salsa, Two-step, West Coast Swing, Night Club Two Step, and other dance forms (as much as we have instructor capacity)
  • Join the special LINE DANCE PROGRAM with international pro star instructors
  • Dance every day – morning - afternoon – evening – night
  • Find new friends on and around the dance floor
  • Sightsee the beautiful local Spanish coast line and mountain villages
  • Meet International Star Instructors / Artists in a unique holiday setting!

Check the link PROGRAM for details!


We recommend:

  • A hike up the mountain cliff Ilfach. A hiking road takes you up to a magniicent viewpoint. Wear good shoes, and be sure to bring a bottle of water.
  • Take the sightseeing train on wheels from the hotell area to center town – and back. Enjoy the shopping streets and the cafes. This is a Spanish town, so join in with the Spanish life.
  • Visit neighbor village Altea – a beautiful picturesque village with cobbled streets, white houses, nice shopping, and a church plaza with nice cafes and scenic view.
  • Make a morning or sunset stroll along the beach walk in Calpe.
  • Visit the fish restaurants in the harbor area.
  • Visit he harbor when the fishing boats come in with the day`s catch in the late afternoon.
  • 17th of May will be celebrated as Norway`s Constitution day. We invite all dance camp participants to walk in the parade – and bring your national flag and we make it an international parade that day!
  • If you want to rent a car or a bike, the hotell cooperates with rental firms that will bring the car to the hotell.
  • Drive to the mountain cliff village of Guadalest – a scenic drive through orange orchards and scenic mountain valleys to this picturesque middle age village built on top of a cliff.
  • And many other things to do……..


If YOU bring 5 other dance friends/participating friends who pay in full, YOU GET 100 euros paid to your bank account for every 5 persons you have on your team (not counting yourself). 

  • You must REGISTER YOUR TEAM NAME to reiser@komogdans.no
  • Every participant on your team must register the team-name when they fill out the sign-up form to count as a person for the reduction rate.
  • You will be paid the amount according to how many you have registered on your team (example: if 5 persons register, you get 100 euros, if 10 persons register you get 200 euros...)

If you are a LINE DANCE instructor and bring your dance group, you may also ask for venue time to dance with your group the dances that you know. If others participating on the Sydendans can join you for dancing or learning, your “time / class” will be put on the day schedule.As an instructor bringing a team of 5 others minimum, you may also by invitation participate on special international classes for instructors.

Pictures from previous Dance Camps: Calpe 2016 | Kreta 2011 | Kreta 2012