Program for Dance classes and Social dancing

Robert Royston 9th/10th of May till 21st of May
Eva and Odd Vesterli 4th to 20th of May
Line Dance Week 4th to 13th of May with Ria Vos, Ivonne Verhagen and Steve Healy.

We are working on the schedule - more to follow!

Dance classes - The day schedule

Morning classes – Lunch dance – Afternoon classes – Evening social dance party

For couple dancing all three weeks: focus on Fasting Swing, Swedish Bugg, Nordic Tango, also Salsa, easy Line Dance, other dance forms if instructor capacity allows.

Line Dance week 4th to 13th of May. Ria Vos. Ivonne Verhagen.

West Coast Swing. Robert Royston 9/10th to 21st of May. Eva & Odd Vesterli 4th to 20th of May.


Social Dancing

The main hotel AR Diamante has numerous dance floors inside and by the pool, and a big ballroom.

Included in the package is at least 3-4 dance parties with live bands per week.

Dance cafe at the beach promenade when the weather permits (we hope almost every day!)


LIVE Music

Streaplers (SE) – May 6th-17th & May 20-24th - www.streaplers.se

Pilebos (SE) – May 15th-26th - www.pilebos.se

Callinaz (SE) - May 6th-18th - www.callinaz.se 



The foundation KOM OG DANS is a dance organization based on Johan Fasting's Swing class format. Johan Fasting has developed a unique analysis and teaching system to teach the social swing and rock'n roll dance of the 50s as it found its form in the Scandinavian dance halls.

Kom og Dans is a volunteer organization with more than 500 certified instructors, and volunteer assistants and leaders, and has sister organizations in Denmark and Iceland.

The aim is to teach social dance styles, enjoy social dancing in a free atmosphere, and create a meeting place in dance classes and social dancing for all ages where dance is used as a basis for activity and cultural exchange between ages, groups and nationalities.

The Fasting Swing is the basic teaching, but many other dance forms are taught and danced in the local clubs and in the big social dance events hosted by the oganization.

Kom og Dans invites dancers to local clubs to participate in dance classes, dance travels, weekend events, summer dance camps and more. Kom og Dans has no membership register - YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE!